The South of Perth is an all male Hash that runs every Thursday night starting at 6:15pm from locations south of the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia. Run fee is $7.50 and a variety of beer is available for $2.50 per can/stubbie. Visitors are welcome.
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Our current illustrious Grand Master is Sputnik.

covid banner18/05/2020
Latest from our GM 

It is great to see that the COVID situation in Perth is improving with restrictions for gatherings lifted to 20 people from tomorrow.


While some other clubs are recommencing and will apparently separate their members into two groups if more than 20 attend, our committee is resolute in our understanding that this is not in compliance with the current restrictions. If restaurants/cafes/pubs can only have 20 people in total (whether inside or outside/separated or not) then it is clearly not going to be any different for two groups of hashers gathering in relatively close proximity.


We considered starting again but with limiting numbers to 20 however this potentially meant that some would miss out every week assuming our numbers are going to be around 30 as they were before we ceased.


While we are all keen to get our club going again the consensus of the committee is that we won’t recommence until the next wave of restrictions are relaxed allowing a greater number to gather and all members being able to be accommodated. Hopefully if things stay on track this is likely to be only 3 or 4 weeks away.


It is great that W2 has arranged the Zoom meetings and that BB kicked off a get together for another group which was limited to ten attendees until now. Hopefully those two events will continue until we can resume hashing without restrictions.


Appreciate your understanding.




The GM