If he feels the need, our all seeing, all knowing Grand Master can use this page to provide guidance to the Kennel. As the Alpha Male we all look to him to demonstrate how we should behave in public so as to maintain our good name as "The Gentleman's Hash". It's important to know when it is appropriate to sniff the bottom of visiting Hashers without causing offense, and also learn how to ridicule and humiliate fellow members in a delicate and caring manner. It is also important to regulate the degree of abuse we each receive to engender a feeling of inclusiveness, no individual should feel left out.  Our GM has the wisdom to ensure a harmonious balance of abuse is maintained. There is no need to remind you that the Grand Master is infallible, omnipotent, beyond reproach and the idol of us all, but only for a year after which he reverts to just another whining, fawning, mangy, flea bitten member of our magnificent Kennel.